Sunday Dreaming
Radio Playlist

Get to know what British music lovers are listening to at a time when you may have the radio turned off. Sunday is the beginning of the week, but instead of work there is night magic that you will not find anywhere else… Join the family.

Mixed & Juicy Right Now

Fresh, just-released tracks hitting the UK music scene. Brand new songs attacking British listeners to reach higher positions in the charts. Say what do you think. It’s all up to you!


Underrated, Highlighted Again

Played once or many times but forgotten in the stream of new music production. Dive into the playlist, where you may find your favorite lost song. Massively good but only for someone … Enjoy something special for your ears! Light it up again!


Just Perfect Glitches

Songs that are so good you have to listen to them over and over again. Missing the loop on YouTube button? Follow our selection of the most popular songs and listen as long as you want. No breaks, no ads, no interruptions. Just perfect 1 hour loops.